The Arctic Incident Chapter Summaries

Chapter 1:

In Chapter 1 Artemis Fowl gets a call from Butler while inside the Academy. Butler then tells Artemis to start packing up, as Butler later would pick Artemis up from the Academy tell Artemis about some confidential information that would change Artemis’s life forever.

It turns out that the Russian Mafia had managed to kidnap his father and is holding him hostage in the Arctic Circle somewhere.

Chapter 2:

is mainly about Private Chix Verbil geting shot by goblins.

Chapter 3

Artemis goes to find if his dad is in Russia but Captain Short takes him by surprise underground for a interrogation.

Chapter 4:

Captain Short interroragates Artemis Fowl and Butler and finds them innocent. The LEP then make a deal with Fowl and the humans agree to help them settle the B’wa Kell battery problem in exchange for assistance on rescue of Fowl’s dad.

Chapter 5:

Opal Koboi and her partner-in-crime Briar Cudgeon talk about plans for the Goblin Revolution.

Chapter 6:

Captain Short takes Artemis Fowl back to the surface to help with their mission on finding Luc. They discover that Luc has been mesmerized, and is supplying batteries (AA style pencil batteries) to goblins. Butler goes to question Luc, and almost is killed by a laser bolt from a gun given to Luc. Had it not been for Butler’s quick thinking, and Foaly’s equipment, both of them would be killed. Butler then leaves Luc to the police.

Chapter 7:

Artemis Fowl and the LEP believe that the threat is over and go and find Artemis the first. Meanwhile, Opal Koboi and Briar Cudegon discuss plans about how to kill the party of the LEP.

Chapter 8:

The LEP get in a fight with the B’wa Kell goblin triad.

Chapter 9:

The LEP in the field get pinned down by goblins while other goblins attack Police Plaza.

Chapter 10:

Once again, the LEP in the field get pinned down by goblins while other goblins attack Police Plaza.

Chapter 11:

The setting switches to Los Angeles, where Mulch Diggums is busy robbing the apartment of the movie star Maggie V. There Mulch finds the Oscar Award, but when he yanks it from its hiding place, an alarm goes off. Two dogs and their handler then appear, trying to capture Mulch. But Mulch talks to the dogs in Dog and convincing them that the handler has a big bone. The dogs are distracted, and Mulch escapes. Then Commander Root, Artemis, and Holly arrest Mulch, and so with no other option but Howler’s Peak (a prison), Mulch agrees to help Root.

Chapter 12:

In chapter 12, Briar Cudgeon reveals his secret plan to Foaly, who thinks Com. Root and Holly are dead. Meanwhile, Mulch reveals his secret plan on how to break into Koboi Labs. It involves travelling through a fissure in the earth that only opens when the rock “breathes”.

Chapter 13:

So Artemis and the gang+Mulch get through, thanks to Holly’s superb steering.




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